Jaddah and Granny

Our Products

    Mutakhtakh Jar

    Chewy brownie bars topped with a caramalized crunchy biscuit, all soaked in our favourite warm chocolate sauce

    Muzaafar Jar

    A traditional taste of boiled buttermilk topped with saffron sticks and few oil drops covered by Gulf chewy original dates.

    Sweet Memories Jar

    Decedant hazelnut butter layered over crushed oreos and baked with love.

    The Golden ilba Jar

    A traditional taste of mixed spices boiled with three secret main ingredients.. a smell that will make your day better.

    The Pistachio Bride Jar

    A rose water cream covering a sugar soaked bread all laying under a pistachio powder

    Um Kisha Jar

    Crunchy biscuit layer topped with our signature white chocolate cheesecake mix all hiding under a soft fluffy cotton candy.