About Us

Our Story

Jaddah and Granny is a family-owned business in Qatar, started by two siblings — Hamad and Maryam Al-Badr.
We were fortunate to live in an extended family. We experienced first hand the warmth of our grandmothers and their
generosity towards guests during weekly social gatherings; Desserts were always among the offering! The passion of
desserts making was naturally transcended to the co-founder Maryam.

It was obvious to us that our family and friends enjoyed eating our desserts as they would tell us how scrumptious
they were. For many times Maryam would make special desserts at our relatives’ and friends’ requests.
Driven by our belief that the best way to enjoy life is to do something you are passionate about, Jaddah and Granny
was born in 2014 to gather the local (Jaddah) and the western (Granny) desserts in one place, and serve them with
our innovative and original touch.

The business was named “Jaddah and Granny”, which symbolize women who carried to us this unique heritage.
All of our desserts are served in unique transparent jars.

Vision & Mission


Our Motto: “Baking your sweet memories.”
Our Vision: To achieve leadership in the field of making the most scrumptious
desserts-in-jar, through creativity and originality.


Our Mission: We will achieve leadership in the field of cooking desserts-in-jar by creatively
creating authentic flavors, presenting them in innovative manner, and serving
them to our customers as if they were our dearest guest visiting at home.


Our Promise: We are committed to provide the authentic taste and quality of the homemade
food through our products.